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New releases from Audioboom Studios will include Superpower State of Mind, Glittering A Turd, Killers Cults and Queens and returning show Devils in the Dark.

LONDON, UK — 30 AUGUST 2022 — Audioboom, the leading global podcast network announces the expansion of their Audioboom Studios slate of original content with the premiere of Superpower State of Mind, Glittering A Turd, and Killers, Cults and Queens, as well as the return of hit show Devils in the Dark.

Superpower State Of Mind has former Love Islander, Malin Andersson making uncomfortable conversations comfortable. This motivational podcast that launched Monday, 8 August takes inspiration from Andersson’s book ‘Positivity Is Our Superpower’. Malin reflects on her own traumas and how she framed them as positives.

Her guests will dig into personal stories and use these as jumping off points to delve further into the conversation. “I can’t tell you how excited I am for this journey with Audioboom,” says Malin. “I’ve interviewed the most incredible people. This podcast will change your mindset and life.”

Glittering A Turd, hosted by best-selling author and CoppaFeel! charity founder Kris Hallenga shares details of her journey after being diagnosed with stage four cancer at age 23.

“I’m so happy to take what I’ve learned from my own experiences into the world of podcasting for Glittering A Turd,” says Kris. “I cannot wait to share the conversations I’ve had with names and faces people know as well as real stories from real people, as the audience and their voices are part of Glittering A Turd too.” Glittering A Turd premieres Tuesday, 30 August.

What happens when RuPaul’s Drag Race UK alum, Cheryl Hole joins forces with true-crime Youtube personality, Nikki Druce to explore the crazy worlds of true crime, paranormal activity, conspiracy theories and more?

New original show Killers, Cults and Queens visits the darkest corners of the internet to discover some of the most notorious true crime cases in history, famous (and infamous) hauntings, online mythology and creepy pastas that lead to real life horror. Listeners can expect copious laughs, truly shocking discoveries and a whole lot of ‘yassss queen’ behaviour.

“I’m so excited to be part of Killers, Cults and Queens with the incredible team at Audioboom,” says Cheryl. “My mind is blown every single episode and I’m so lucky to have an incredible co-pilot in Nikki Druce as we tip toe into the corridor of the unknown.” Killers, Cults and Queens launches Thursday, 8 September.

Fan favorite, Devils in the Dark, hosted by Helen Anderson and Danni Howard returns for its second season on Monday, 29 August. From sinister hidden bunkers to iconic undercover cops, this season will follow the hosts as they explore the most horrific cases in history — like the serial killer and torturer Madame La Laurie and the vengeful murdering pirate Jeanne Di Clisson.

“Our new slate of original podcasts encompasses the creativity and entertainment values that has been at the heart of Audioboom Studios’ work,” says Audioboom Chief Content Officer, Brendan Regan. “Our production team has continued to develop quality content alongside the best British talent, and we’re excited to bring these shows to UK listeners.”

Superpower State of Mind, Glittering A Turd, and Killers, Cults and Queens are joining popular shows produced or co-produced by Audioboom Studios, including the official Formula 1 podcasts F1: Beyond the Grid and F1 Nation, as well as The Criminal Makeup, What Makes A Killer, Mafia, and It’s Happening..

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Audioboom Studios is a slate of content developed and produced by Audioboom including ‘Dark Air with Terry Carnation’, ‘RELAX!’, ‘Covert’, ‘It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey’, ‘Mafia’, ‘Huddled Masses’ and ‘What Makes A Killer’.

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