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Audioboom Studios launches two new shows and signs emerging hit true crime podcast

NEW YORK, NY — February 24, 2022 — Audioboom, the leading global podcast network is launching three new shows for 2022. Devils in the Dark and Could I Get In Your Pantry are new original concepts developed by creative arm Audioboom Studios. They are joined by the relaunch of true crime podcast, National Park After Dark which will now be produced and distributed by Audioboom.

Devils in The Dark, launching Monday February 28th will be the first show from Audioboom Studios in the United Kingdom. Hosted by YouTube creator Helen Anderson and her best friend Danni Howard, they explore the wildest, most gruesome and totally shocking true crime cases in history. With the help of experts, they’ll learn about the killer’s origins, darkest secrets, and horrific desires.

“We’re both big fans of true crime, so when Audioboom approached us with Devils in the Dark it was a dream opportunity,” says co-hosts Anderson and Howard. “It’s been our first time recording a podcast and the producers at Audioboom have been excellent at giving us a creative space to make the true crime genre our own. Our hope is that our audience enjoys listening as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.”

Celebrity make-up artist, comedian, self-proclaimed culinary queen and It’s Happening co-host, Joey Camasta launched Could I Get in Your Pantry on February 14th. The inaugural season sees Camasta welcome actors, comedians, podcasters and more to share a hook-up story and the meal that was involved. They’ll recreate the dish and the date, and since the quickest way to someone’s heart is through food, listeners can tune in to find out if lightning strikes twice.

“Audioboom is like my second family and I’m so excited for people to finally hear what we’ve been cooking up on Pantry,” says Camasta. New episodes drop every Monday.

One for the morbid outdoor enthusiast, National Park After Dark is a true crime, storytelling podcast. Co-hosts Cassandra Yahnian and Danielle LaRock share a passion for the outdoors and a fascination with all that can go wrong. Every Monday, they explore a different morbid story within the National Park System. Topics range from deaths, tragic accidents, stories of survival, disappearances, true crime, the paranormal and more.

“We began National Park After Dark with a vision of what we wanted it to become. Audioboom has given us support that aligns with our goals and made that into a reality,” says co-hosts Yahnian and LaRock. “Growing our show in partnership with Audioboom has given us the opportunity to bring content we are passionate about to a wider audience. Their knowledge and expertise has helped us shape our show.” National Park After Dark joined Audioboom Studios in February 2022.

Audioboom Studios, the new production arm introduced in October of 2021, encompasses all creative services within the company. Audioboom produces the official Formula 1 podcasts, as well as hit shows including; Dark Air with Terry Carnation, Mafia, What Makes A Killer, and It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey.

“We have tremendous plans ahead for Audioboom Studios in the coming year,” says Audioboom Chief Content Officer, Brendan Regan. “The level of passion and commitment our production team is bringing to these projects, alongside our roster of talented hosts is a true testament to Audioboom’s focus on developing the most creative entertainment content in both the UK and US markets.”

About Audioboom

Audioboom is a global leader in podcasting — our shows are downloaded more than 100 million times each month by 30 million unique listeners around the world. Audioboom is ranked as the fourth largest podcast publisher in the US by Triton Digital.

Audioboom’s ad-tech and monetisation platform underpins a scalable content business that provides commercial services for a premium network of 250 top tier podcasts, with key partners including ‘Casefile True Crime’ (US), ‘Morbid’ (US), ‘True Crime Obsessed’ (US), ‘The Morning Toast’ (US), ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ (UK), and ‘The Cycling Podcast’ (UK).

Audioboom Studios is a slate of content developed and produced by Audioboom including ‘Dark Air with Terry Carnation’, ‘RELAX!’, ‘Covert’, ‘It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey’, ‘Mafia’, ‘Huddled Masses’ and ‘What Makes A Killer’.

Audioboom operates internationally, with operations and global partnerships across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The platform allows content to be distributed via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, RadioPublic, Saavn, Stitcher, Facebook and Twitter as well as a partner’s own websites and mobile apps.

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