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Audioboom extends partnerships with three hit shows and brings two new podcasts to their creator network.

NEW YORK, NY — July, 20, 2022Audioboom, the leading global podcast network, has renewed partnerships with top shows No Such Thing as a Fish, Murder, Mystery & Makeup, and Dark History. Hit podcast Fair Game with Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, and new show The Roman Atwood Podcast also join the Audioboom creator network.

Critically acclaimed and award-winning British comedy podcast No Such Thing as a Fish has once again extended their partnership with Audioboom through 2024. A constant presence across Apple and Spotify’s podcast charts in the UK, Australia, Ireland and Canada — the world-famous podcast has been downloaded more than 350 million times.

“Our favorite fact of the last seven days is that we’re renewing our vows and will be making over a hundred new episodes of Fish with the brilliant team at Audioboom,” said the No Such Thing as a Fish team.

True crime storyteller and YouTube creator Bailey Sarian has renewed both of her hit podcasts, Dark History and Murder Mystery & Makeup until 2025 with Audioboom. Dark History became an instant smash hit across the globe upon launch last June — peaking at number 1 on the Apple Podcasts chart in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, as well as number 1 on Spotify’s chart in the US, UK, and Australia. The show now regularly earns over 1 million downloads per episode.

“I’m blown away by the incredible response to Dark History and Murder, Mystery & Makeup, and want to thank all of my listeners for tuning in each week,” said Bailey. “I’m so excited to continue my partnership with Audioboom, we have a big few years ahead with so much more exciting storytelling in store and I can’t wait for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on!”

Sarian boasts over 6 million subscribers and 797 million views on YouTube along with 11 million Facebook followers. The all-new second season of Dark History premieres on Wednesday, August 3rd.

Emmy Award-winning actor, New York Times Best Selling author and producer Leah Remini brings the new season of her hit podcast Fair Game to the Audioboom creator network. Co-hosted with Mike Rinder, the insightful podcast digs deep into Scientology.

Remini launched Fair Game in July 2020, and it has since amassed more than 15 million downloads. “After three seasons of the Aftermath on A&E and over 80 episodes of our previous podcast Scientology: Fair Game, Mike and I have barely scratched the surface of exposing Scientology’s abuses,” said Leah. “We are proud to partner with Audioboom on a new version of our podcast, Fair Game With Leah Remini and Mike Rinder. We are so grateful for our loyal listeners; this difficult work is easier with their support.”

Roman Atwood, a prominent YouTube personality, comedian, and vlogger with over 15 million subscribers and 5 billion views has launched The Roman Atwood Podcast — offering his followers an escape from the day to day grind and a place to feel lifted.

“I’ve been personally wanting to start this podcast for years now,” said Roman. “We’re so pumped that Audioboom has teamed up with us, providing that platform for us to talk to our long-time listeners and helping people smile more.”

Atwood, his wife Brittney and special guests aim to inspire and motivate listeners every Wednesday with real life stories and advice. The show has already been heard more than 2 million times since its launch last month.

“We’re excited to continue to partner with the most influential and creative talent in podcasting,” said Brendan Regan, Audioboom’s Chief Content Officer. “Our platform powers podcasting for creators, maximizing their audiences and delivering them incredible value. We’re grateful that the best creators in podcasting are working with Audioboom.”

About Audioboom

Audioboom is a global leader in podcasting — our shows are downloaded more than 130 million times each month by 34 million unique listeners around the world. Audioboom is ranked as the fourth largest podcast publisher in the US by Triton Digital.

Audioboom’s ad-tech and monetisation platform underpins a scalable content business that provides commercial services for a premium network of 250 top tier podcasts, with key partners including ‘Casefile True Crime’ (US), ‘True Crime Obsessed’ (US), ‘The Morning Toast’ (US), ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ (UK), and ‘The Cycling Podcast’ (UK).

Audioboom Studios is a slate of content developed and produced by Audioboom including ‘Dark Air with Terry Carnation’, ‘RELAX!’, ‘Covert’, ‘It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey’, ‘Mafia’, ‘Huddled Masses’ and ‘What Makes A Killer’.

Audioboom operates internationally, with operations and global partnerships across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The platform allows content to be distributed via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, RadioPublic, Saavn, Stitcher, Facebook and Twitter as well as a partner’s own websites and mobile apps.

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