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The Audioboom Creator Network announces a significant achievement within the podcast industry.

NEW YORK, NY — NOVEMBER 1, 2023 — Audioboom, the leading global podcast network is pleased to announce it has surpassed 1 billion available monthly advertising impressions for the first time.

During October 2023, podcasts in the Audioboom Creator Network generated 1.01 billion advertising impressions which were made available for brands to buy through Premium host-endorsement ads and Showcase, the network’s automated advertising marketplace.

The milestone was achieved through the strategic implementation of the AdRip inventory creation tool, first launched by Audioboom in 2021. The tool — which is unique in podcasting — enables creators to automate the removal of historic advertising, replacing it with new advertising each time a back-catalog episode is listened to.

This advertising inventory expansion has also been driven by Audioboom’s strong audience growth in 2023 — the network now reaches more than 38 million unique listeners globally and in Q3 2023 generated more than 127 million downloads each month.

Audioboom expects to generate more than $19 million of revenue in Q4 2023, a return to year-over-year top-line growth and the strongest revenue period for the network since Q2 2022.

Audioboom’s CEO, Stuart Last commented: “I’m delighted that we have achieved this milestone. To create more than one billion monthly advertising impressions highlights the scale that we are developing at Audioboom. We continue to develop innovative technology that enables our creators to maximize the value of their content, while providing our brand partners with powerful advertising options. Our increased scale will power a record year for Audioboom in 2024.”

About Audioboom

Audioboom is a global leader in podcasting — our shows are downloaded more than 130 million times each month by 38 million unique listeners around the world. Audioboom is ranked as the fourth largest podcast publisher in the U.S. by Edison Research.

Audioboom’s ad-tech and monetisation platform underpins a scalable content business that provides commercial services for a premium network of 250 top tier podcasts, with key partners including ‘Casefile True Crime’ (US), ‘True Crime Obsessed’ (US), ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ (UK), and ‘The Cycling Podcast’ (UK).

Audioboom Studios is a slate of content produced by Audioboom including ‘F1: Beyond The Grid’’, ‘RELAX!’, ‘Covert’, ‘It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey’, ‘Mafia’, and ‘What Makes A Killer’.

Audioboom operates internationally, with operations and global partnerships across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The platform allows content to be distributed via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, RadioPublic, Saavn, Stitcher, Facebook and Twitter as well as a partner’s own websites and mobile apps.

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