Audioboom Premieres New Original Podcasts and Brings Back Fan Favorites for Second Seasons.

NEW YORK — June 17, 2020 — The growth of the Audioboom Originals Network continues with three new podcasts set to launch in the summer and fall of 2020. The latest slate of shows further cements Audioboom’s place as diversified content creators in the podcasting space. Alongside the launch of Truth vs Hollywood, Huddled Masses, and Crime Weekly, the network will publish new seasons of hit shows An Hour Or So With… Sue Perkins, and What Makes A Killer.

Truth vs. Hollywood (June 2020): Film-loving hosts David Chen (A Cast of Kings & /Filmcast) and Joanna Robinson (The Storm) take a critical look at the real-life stories behind popular movies. From the tragedy of Munich to the fun of Goodfellas, together they’ll explore the movies as well as what really happened, aided by interviews with writers, journalists, and the people who were there. In exploring the true story and how it was portrayed in the film, Truth vs Hollywood examines the larger theme of film versus real life. Series 1 will run for 12 episodes.

Crime Weekly (September 2020) is a new true crime podcast from hosts Derrick Levasseur and Catherine Townsend as they apply years of Private Investigator skills to unpack history’s most unforgettable crimes, and relate them to similar cases dominating the current headlines of the week. Crime Weekly joins the Audioboom Originals Network as the second show co-produced with Main Event Media.

Huddled Masses (Fall 2020), from the award-winning team behind the Dead Man Talking podcast, tackles the story of America in a time of great division. Airing in the run-up to the 2020 Presidential election, Alex Hannaford and producer Peter Sale travel the US border with Mexico in Season 1, meeting the people on the frontline of Trump’s immigration crackdown. In Season 2, they visit the swing states that will decide the election, meeting those for whom the stakes are highest; trans rights activists, Black Lives Matter protesters, and anti-abortion campaigners. Is the country headed for more division, and what will we find out about Trump’s ability to win again?

An Hour or So With… Sue Perkins, Season 2 (June 2020): Sue Perkins returns for a second season of her hit podcast. The sophomore season kicks off with a bang with a very NSFW chat with fellow podcasters Dear Joan & Jericha. Upcoming guests include Emma Thompson, Johnny Vegas and more.

What Makes A Killer, Season 2 (July 2020): Co-produced with Woodcut Media, What Makes a Killer is back for a second season, following the paths of thirteen new killers from around the world. Host Jennifer Nittoso will cover notorious names like “The Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez bringing intimate interviews with forensic experts, family members and survivors to listeners.

“There’s no better testament to the accomplishments of the Audioboom Originals Network than shows returning after successful first seasons,” said Brendan Regan, Executive Vice President, Content and Production at Audioboom. “We’re eager to expand our lineup and continue to provide our listeners with exciting, versatile and thought-provoking content with new shows such as Crime Weekly and Huddled Masses.”

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