Join journalist Stephanie Okupniak as she tells the life stories of the good, the great, the grievous and the grisly, and meets the people who knew them best.”

NEW YORK, NY — AUGUST 21, 2019 — Journalist Stephanie Okupniak announces the debut of her new podcast A Life Lived in which she tells the stories of the dead by conducting exclusive interviews with those who knew them in life.

Each intricately produced episode divulges the tale of another deceased celebrity, politician, musician, etc. This weekly, high end series is produced by Iain Chambers, and is an unmissable listen.

The first episode will premiere on Monday, September 2, 2019 with singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse and boxing legend and philanthropist Muhammad Ali as the subjects. “It’s been thrilling to learn more about these incredible people who have impacted so many lives and influenced popular culture. I’m very excited to be launching A Life Lived with the support of Audioboom Originals,” stated Okupniak.

Posthumously chronicling the lives of legends is no simple feat. Okupniak’s extensive background in journalism, production and documentaries gives her the ability to present these intimate stories with a mindful and skillful tact. “To talk to the relatives and friends of these icons and share their personal stories has been surreal and rewarding,” she says.

This Audioboom Original podcast is a co-production with Muddy Knees Media. Iain Macintosh, CEO of Muddy Knees Media said, “We’re so excited about producing A Life Lived for Audioboom Originals. Stephanie is an incredible talent, she’s such a natural story teller and such a deft interviewer that once you’ve heard one episode, you’ll want hear them all.”

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