LONDON, UK — November 30, 2018 — He’s the chef who introduced the world to snail porridge and bacon and egg ice cream.

Now Heston Blumenthal is revealing the secrets behind his culinary experiments, with his new podcast, Heston’s Pod & Chips.

The series, billed as ‘The world’s first multi-sensory podcast’, takes listeners to the cutting edge of food science with innovations including pebble soup, tea that is hot and cold at the same time and everlasting chewing gum.

The 52-year-old, who hosts the show from his home in Provence, south of France, said: “I’m inviting you to climb into my brain and have a great laugh. We’re going to be talking about many big subjects, but all held together by the wonderful world that is uniquely human — cooking and eating.

“I just cook, on my own. Chopping veg, without liquid nitrogen, a centrifuge or a distillatory. Just a knife and a pot and a pan and some gas to heat some stuff on or maybe a barbecue.”

The series, which is hosted and distributed by one of the world’s leading podcast platform, Audioboom, sees self-proclaimed “Chef first, scientist second” Blumenthal take listeners on a unique gastronomical journey.

In each episode Blumenthal conducts a live food experiment, giving listeners the chance to join in at home, as well as demonstrating his use of some ordinary — and extraordinary — ingredients.

In the first episode these include sloth poo, the taste of rocks and using gravel to make soup.

“I cooked some soup made with some green beans that came from the farm and I decided to put a lump of bauxite rock in the water,” He explained.

“I got some pebbles as well and bits of gravel and rock and I stuck it in a pan. I washed them first and I put them in a pan with beans, no salt, and they came out really green.

‘It was rather a successful experiment. So, the next time I made the soup I just chucked loads of pebbles in it.”

Heston Blumenthal has been a pioneer of British cooking for over 20 years, since he transformed a Berkshire pub into the iconic Fat Duck restaurant in 1995. It is one of only three restaurants in the UK to boast three coveted Michelin stars.

Since then Blumenthal has become one of the world’s most decorated chefs, credited with triggering a revolution in food science and synonymous with pushing the boundaries of cooking and eating.

In the show he goes on to reveal how he tasted pre-historic sloth poo and rock from the wall of a cave, in a bid to understand their flavour.

He added: “I went to the Natural History Museum recently. [There] was a 10,000-year-old sloth poo.”

Asked what he did with the sloth poo, Blumenthal said: “I licked it. I smelled it first and it had no smell whatsoever. Then I licked it. It tasted of nothing. I didn’t notice anything. I don’t, just for the record, lick poo.

“It’s like the bauxite rock. We came out of these caves [in France] and I just put my mouth round the corner of the cave and dragged a bit of rock off. No bitterness, nothing. I smelled it first.”

In other upcoming episodes Blumenthal goes on to reveal how to create the ultimate fish finger sandwich using sound, and how to change the taste of wine using your mind.

Heston’s Pod & Chips podcast is hosted and distributed by AudioBoom, one of the world’s leading podcast platforms and available to download on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google podcasts

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